Andaman and I

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10 reasons Why I Like, No Love, the Andaman Islands 



I visit the Andaman Islands often. And whenever I go there I am like a kid in a candy store.
My camera and I, both can hardly wait to get off the plane and taken in the sights and sounds.
I have now come to recognize what I call the Andaman State of Mind. It is a unique state of complete relaxation magically super-imposed on a state of wide-eyed surprise.




1. Where else can you walk out of a dense forest with its shimmering shroud of refracted and reflected green-hued light straight into the bright blue and white of a pristine beach?






2. In the Andaman you can take a boat ride along a beach and be in shallow crystal pure water all the way. Witness to a whole new universe of coral reefs, shapes, forms, colours and life. Incredible variety that beguiles you to jump in and become part of it.




3. An Andaman beach is one of the most spectacular 24X7 Light & Sound show on Earth.





4. At 12 noon the translucent water is an incredible sight that lifts your spirits. In the nights, given its remote location away from artificial lights, the starlit beach is a sight that plumbs the depths of one’s soul. And through the day the crashing waves play a symphony that is alive to everything around it. 





5. To me light is the very essence of all existence and colours are the manifestation of the myriad moods of light. Andaman is a moveable feast of colours: the waters, the trees, the plants, the creeper, the bushes, the birds, the insects, the skies and the underwater life.

Wherever you go, on land, on water, underwater or looking up at the sky, you are sure to find a new combination of colours to thrill your eyes.





6. The harmony of the forests, beaches and water of the Andaman is juxtaposed with the only active volcano in India. The Barren Island volcano juts straight out of the sea. The contrast of the water lapping the mountain and its crest of fire is to be seen to be believed.







7. Can you feel lonely in the Andaman? How can you when the dolphins and the flying fish keep you company as you roam from island to island, with each of the 300 or so islands greeting you like an old friend with a unique personality.


8. The fauna of Andaman is equally fascinating. Ride through the mangroves in a boat after dusk and the thousands of fireflies will light up your very own fantasy.



9. Lie on the beach (where it meets the forest) and the hermit crabs and the ants will put up a show that no comedian or Cirque De Soleil can match.


Accompanying the sights of the Andaman is a subtle overlay of sound, the waves, the birds, the insects that seems to invite humans to shut up and listen. Like I said in the beginning me and my camera are like kids in a candy store whenever we are in the Andaman. For a passion photographer like me, I can shoot every kind of photography: Nature Photography, Landscape Photography, Macro Photography, Wildlife Photography, Underwater Photography, moonlight photography and even interesting portraits.

So, even writing about it makes me emotional. So let me stop with these simple words.

Am I exaggerating? Is this all hyperbole? I invite you to experience it for yourself and then we can exchange notes. Visit Andaman and it will stay with you all your life.